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An award winning Physical Education program (NBC4 - "CRYSTAL APPLE AWARD", sponsored by SYLVAN LEARNING CENTER) designed to strengthen the connection between body and mind. 

It presents P.E. as a life-long way of self-improvement and is regarded by many as the best Physical Education program they ever had.

Our emphasis is placed on refining the skills necessary to match the physical  and intellectual challenges ahead.  Thanks to an ideal blending of verbal and visual messages, our terminology makes communication faster and more effective.

Before asking our students to pay attention we give them the capability to do so through postural education, diaphragmatic breathing, centering and focusing. 

Professor Francesco Arnone

Our classes always start with an informative session about �Nutrition and Health Science�, a fundamental part of our subject.

Our warm up, stretching and low impact cardiovascular routines prevent injuries, improve coordination and flexibility, strengthen the immune system and fight obesity, a problem that is affecting 40% of Americans and represents one of the most pressing health challenges we face today. 

Without the need of any equipment, our isometric, isotonic, plyometric and ipokinetic exercises promote both strength and balance.  Our philosophy is:  �No tools, no partners, no big space nor long time needed: no excuses�. 

The �Full Focus� technique builds the foundation of many sports through the study of both propaedeutics and fundamentals.           


Our lessons always end with a cool down, intended to send the students back in the classroom in ideal conditions to continue their productive day. During this portion of our practice the students learn the rules of several sports and are directed towards the practice of team-work and good sportsmanship.

It is of primary importance to instill within children and adolescents a desire to be active for life.  Despite numerous studies linking such health problems as heart disease and high blood pressure to a sedentary life style, too many young people in the Unites States do not take part in the kind of activities that contribute to good health.  The school system can play a key role in reversing this trend. 

Our company has been in business since 1995 and is currently serving thousands of elementary school students in the LA basin.

If you are getting ready for a WASC visitation or just interested in award winning P.E. please give us a call. It will be our pleasure to provide service through Educators trained in the highly specialized Full Focus Technique.

Full Focus Corporation: Call (818) 203-2371 or Email us to book a FREE DEMO class with your own students.